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About Us

Natural Structures have been creating bespoke new build properties and property extensions using natural resources and materials for over 20 years. We are a family-run, environmentally conscious building and construction company that create timesless and functional houses and extensions using stunning natural materials. Oak, timber, glass, and natural stone are used across our property development portfolio to combine environmentally friendly construction, functional spaces, and striking aesthetics.


The Office

Our office is always open for you to visit and speak to our team in person about your design concept ideas or receive updates on an ongoing project. We have a very informal atmosphere, and believe that some of the best design conversations happen over a relaxed cup of coffee and free-flowing chat about your requirements and personal tastes.

About Our Office


Meet Our Team

We have a construction crew of over 12 people, some of which have been with us for over 15 years, who will help to make your dream new build a reality. We often invite our clients to meet our dedicated team of craftsmen at our barns, so you can see the different stages of the creation of your new build.

About Our Crew



All of our buildings are handmade using mostly naturally occurring materials such as stone, timber, and oak in conjunction with modern materials like metal and glass. We use time-honoured techniques to create truly beautiful bespoke new build homes and property extensions. We aim to complete 80% of the work prior to setting foot on the site, meaning less disruption and less weather-dependent downtime.

About Our Manufacturing Techniques


How We Work On Site

Our groundworks team will prepare the site before we begin the new build construction on site. Because we create bespoke new builds and homes, the length of time the erection takes is unique to your project. We happily work alongside other tradespeople such as electricians, flooring contractors, and kitchen partners, too.

About How We Work