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Meet the Crew

We are a modest family run business which employs a dedicated number of staff all passionate and very proud of their artisan heritage. Our senior craftsmen, some of whom have been with us now for over 15 years, train the younger apprentices in the age old techniques used within the oak framing industry. We form a very loyal team of oak frame craftsmen with each and every person dedicating their efforts towards creating high quality bespoke homes and buildings.

With over twelve highly trained professional staff and a team of apprentices working under them, we have the flexibility to cope with large, highly detailed oak frame projects and simple smaller designs. 

We often invite clients along to our barns to meet the carpenters and joiners who are cutting and creating their oak frame homes. More often than not the clients like to return several times during this period as they can see their frame being crafted and taking physical shape.  It is a very exciting part of the project for everyone.


meet the crew