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Working in air dried oak, fresh sawn oak or kiln dried oak we are able to provide oak frames, oak carpentry, oak joinery and specialist oak finishes both internally and externally. Let us have your ideas at concept stage or we can tender as a nominated contractor, we're happy to be flexible and can work within any type of contract protocol. Use our designers to advise on construction and jointing techniques to get the best out of the oak. Everything we supply can come with structural calculations - even refurbishment work on listed buildings. Challenging designs, both structurally and aesthetically, can be accomplished by early dialogue and sometimes modelling and experimentation, the results dramatic and ground breaking.

Call us, preferably as early in the concept stage as possible, it's then we can offer the most valuable advice.


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A specialist material like air dried oak or fresh sawn oak, with all its natural qualities and characteristics, need not be a challenge if you let us advise on the best construction methods and detailing. We can prepare our own detailed drawings to suit your project, integrating with other trades and giving best practice advice on sequencing and timings. Let us tender against your plans or we can just provide an alternative to other construction methods.

Handled carefully and detailed in time-honoured ways, oak framing can be a viable alternative to steel. Time on site is often reduced and the results dramatic. Used in contemporary design, oak can bring a project to life.

If you are considering building your own home, an oak frame could not be a better structural frame to choose. Assembled quickly it allows you to get roofed in and watertight so that the associated trades to follow on working in dry conditions.


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