Specialist Oak Buildings

On Site

Depending on the scale of the project, the completed frame will arrive either by our own four wheel trucks and trailers or by larger articulated truck haulage. All of the components that form the completed frame are coded to ensure a swift, clean efficient assembly process. Prior to our arrival our groundworks team will have prepared the site for our arrival. 

With all groundworks, drainage and landscaping complete the assembly process takes place, this can take any where from 5-7 days for a large garden room through to several weeks for a larger more detailed project. All associated trades are brought into play at the relevant times ensuring efficient progress through out the build. One of the many advantages with this pre-building technique is that it reduces time on site considerably, this equates to less mess, less disruption, less weather dependant down time. Having 80% of the work done prior to even setting foot on the project grounds is a huge bonus when dealing with the British climate. This technique allows for all trades to follow on and through the build as the project is made water tight in a matter of days.


Oak frames on site with the crew