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architectural services

Stage 1: 3D concept Design Service

  • 3D concept drawings are a fantastic way of working out the finer design details before any costly decisions are made on-site.
  • During this stage, our in-house architectural technicians create visual concepts, either in the form of sketches or digital walk-throughs. 
  • This stage can take between 8-10 days dependant on the size of the project.
  • This is a free service if the project goes to completion with Natural Structures, otherwise, it is priced at £275 + VAT a day.
  • Our designs have included everything from complete new builds, outbuildings, listed buildings, to simple porches – every one of our projects is unique. You can see examples of our Architectural work here (Link to portfolio concepts)

Stage 2: Planning Service

  • Depending on the site location and size of your project, you may need planning.
  • Firstly, we send a planning quote/contract to make you aware of the costs involved. If you’re happy to proceed via a signature, you are then placed into our Architectural schedule of works.
  • Our Architectural technicians will produce planning drawings and other required documents depending on the application.
  • Most applications take 3 days to submit, once submitted you will receive your unique project reference number from our Architect for you to then directly pay the Local Authority – this is usually around £206 (for household planning). This cost can increase depending on the parameters of your project.
  • Typically the process takes 8 weeks for the Local Authority to make a decision on your application.
  • If required, we can also send an estimate of the build at this stage so you can get an indication of overall project costs.
  • Fees at this stage roughly £1,850 + VAT plus the payment directly to the Local Authority.

Stage 3: Working Drawing Service

  • A working drawing is a scale blueprint that serves as a guide for the manufacture and construction of your build.
  • Firstly, we send you a working drawing quote/contract outlining the fees. Once you have confirmed you are happy to proceed via signature, you are then put into our Architectural schedule of works.
  • Our Architectural Technician will arrange a site visit with you to perform a site survey.
  • The size and detail of the work required will dictate the length of time taken to produce the drawings – usually, this can take up to 3 weeks.
  • When the drawings are complete, we will send them to you for approval/amendments.
  • Once approved, the project can be accurately costed by our team and main contract/quote sent to you to approve.
  • Estimate fee at this stage is £3,500 + VAT which includes a site survey.

OTHER Services

Depending on the size, location and listed status of your project, you may require the below additional services. If you do, our expert team will talk you through the process and handle all the paperwork.
  • BUILDING REGULATIONS: Depending on the size of the project building regulations may be required. Building regulations help ensure that new builds, conversions, and alterations are built to UK safety standards. For this stage, we will contact the regulator and provide all necessary documentation for a quote which is then sent to the client for approval. Payment is payable by the client directly to the chosen surveying company. We will then manage each inspection stage and obtain a final Building Control certificate for the client.
  • SAP CALCULATIONS: Building regulations may require SAP calculations (Standard Assessment Procedure’) which is the government’s method for calculating the energy performance of dwellings. Costs for SAP Calculations are payable by the client directly to the regulator.
  • STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS: New builds or works that are undergoing substantial changes to the existing building may require structural calculations. Fees for this are payable by the client directly to the Structural Engineer.