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Sustainability is something that is very close to our heart and forms the core value of our architectural design and construction services. We use naturally occurring materials such as oak, timber, glass, and natural stone to construct our striking bespoke new builds and property extensions, only using man-made materials when strictly necessary for quality purposes. Environmentally conscious building and assembly is something we pride ourselves on, so not only are our property development projects and bespoke new builds tasteful, but responsibly sourced and built too.

Natural Structures recognises the ecological, social, and economic importance of protecting our environment. As a responsible construction company, we are fully committed to complying with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. As part of this commitment, Natural Structures will endeavour to integrate environmental considerations into all our decision-making processes and procurement policies.


Our Promise to our Clients

In order to maintain and sustain the company's environmental commitment, all suppliers of timber shall:

  • Comply with the requirements of Enviornmental Legislation and approved codes of practice, co-operating fully with relevant statutory bodies and trade associations.
  • Ensure that they are aware of the environmental impact of their products and traceability of their raw materials.


Our Dedication to Fairness, Transparency, and Quality

To further enhance our commitment, we undertake to avoid purchasing timber from any of the following:

  • Wood harvested from forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated.
  • Wood harvested from non FSC certified forests, with high conservation value, which are under threat.
  • Wood harvested from genetically modified (GM) trees.
  • Illegally harvested wood.
  • Wood from Natural forests, that have been converted to plantations or non-forest use.


Natural Structures will also encourage our suppliers to ensure that wood is not purchased from sources that are considered controversial by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certifications (PEFC).

We want to make sure we are providing environmentally conscious construction services and bespoke new builds, actively ensuring we keep these considerations at the forefront of what we do. We seamlessly blend responsibly sourced materials with timeless property design, delivering some of most environmentally conscious yet tasteful new builds and property extensions in Leicestershire.

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