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In our oak framing barns in Tur Langton Leicestershire, we use only the best quality oak timbers available to us. All of our oak is grown and felled in France, imported then graded here in the UK. Each component beam is carefully selected for its position within the frame.This timber selection is an essential part of the framing process as each component part is under different loadings, therefore the differing grain directions, cambers, knots and twists can be balanced across the frame.

We hand make all of our oak buildings on ‘cribbing timbers’ in the form of ‘bents',  the most efficient technique of preparing the frames laid out horizontally. Using age-old traditional variations of mortice, tenon & scarf joints we methodically hand cut every joint. We welcome client visits during this stage.

To maintain quality and integrity throughout each project, we carry out all manufacturing processes in our controlled conditions here at our barns. Every component is cut, assembled and coded ensuring that the oak frame arrives on site completely prepped for a smooth and accurate assembly.

oak frame manufacturing