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Design, planning & feasibility consultation

We can bring your ideas to life

We offer a free design, planning & feasibility consultation at our offices in Tur Langton. You can meet with our Director Simon, and architects to discuss your proposed project over a freshly made coffee, in the comfort of our relaxed consultation area.

Whether it's potential planning issues you think you may run into, or simply the viability of an idea that's been inside your head for some time, we will be able to offer you professional advice.

It is not only advice we offer, our architects will also be able to sketch out any of your own ideas and offer guidance and advice to compliment your initial thoughts.

Every project brings its own challenges, we are here to help you to resolve yours.

Simply call us to make an appointment and we can have a relaxed chat about your project and address any issues there may be.

Please call

  • Simon 07970 557992
  • Office 01858 545518