beautiful buildings

The Build

As well as our skilled architectural designers, our construction company also has a dedicated team of builders for your property development and new build projects. Because our properties work with specialist natural materials such as air-dried oak and fresh sawn oak, we recommend trusting our own team to assemble and erect your oak frames. We deliver all of the components of your property development to the site already labelled and organised, ensuring the build process is simple and streamlined. We can prepare our own detailed drawings to suit your project, integrating with other trades and giving best practice advice on sequencing and timings. Let us tender against your plans or we can just provide an alternative to other construction methods.


The Materials

We use oak, timber, stone, and glass to ensure our properties are environmentally responsible but also striking. We marry together responsible resources with striking design to create beautiful new build homes and property extensions. Handled carefully and detailed in time-honoured ways, oak framing can be a viable alternative to steel. Construction projects using oak often decreases the necessary time on site and the aesthetic results are dramatic in themselves. Used in contemporary design, oak can bring a project to life, as can our other natural materials. If you are considering building your own home, an oak frame could not be a better structural frame to choose.


During the Build

Because oak-framed houses can be assembled comparatively quicker than traditional building methods, the property or extension can be made watertight far earlier. This allows for other tradespeople necessary to your build, such as electricians and plumbers, to begin their work. This altogether provides you, the homeowner or property developer, with a project that could be finished within months of its conception and beginning. We provide every frame, join, and beam, creating you an oak-framed house or property extension in Leicestershire that is structurally sound and resolute before you begin the finishing touches of construction with our team and other professionals.

For skilled construction professionals, architectural designers, and beautiful results, contact Natural Structures in Leicestershire today to receive our expert consultation and attention.