Car Ports and Garages

If you’re looking for a safe and secure place to store your car, but want a solution that is also aesthetically pleasing, allow our Leicestershire architects to devise a solution.

We pride ourselves in providing environmentally conscious designs that use natural materials such as oak, timber, glass, and natural stone, which have been used across a plethora of our architectural projects, including car ports and garages.

Whether your car port ideas are simplistic and practical, or grand and complex, our team aims to take your requirements and create you a stunning design that will not only keep your car secure and protected, but incorporates all the extra features you may wish to include.

We have previously worked on car ports that includes a bar area, a mezzanine, and even a small WC. Whatever ideas you have in mind for your car port, our architects can make them a reality.

Discuss Your Vision with Our Architects

If you’re ready to start planning your car port, we invite you to visit our Leicestershire office where we will discuss the ideas you have over a cup of coffee. Once we have a feel for you vision, we will create a 3D concept design drawing, that incorporates all of the colours and materials you hope to include in your new car port.

Once you are happy with the proposed design, our architects will take care of any planning permission that is required and start the car port construction process. We are dedicated to making the entire process as smooth-running as possible, ensuring you are left happy with your final construction.

Our architects are highly experienced, using time-honoured techniques and modern best practice to provide you with a car port that ticks all your boxes.

Please contact Us today book your initial consultation at our architects’ office in Leicestershire, to start discussing your car port or garage plans and ideas with our specialist team.