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Architectural Design

Our team of architectural designers work with breath-taking natural materials like oak and stone to turn your design dreams into a reality, whether for a bespoke new build home or extension to your property. We work with projects from the earliest stage of conception through to their completed assembly on site. We find that partnering with you as early as possible in this process helps to ensure we deliver designs and a finished product that is both on-specification and exceeds your expectations.


Beginning the Architectural Design Process

When you’re planning a new build or a property extension in Leicestershire, we prefer to invite you to our office so we can discuss your design ideas in person. We find that this process helps you to gain a better understanding of what your project could look like and discover new styles you might not have considered. Our architectural design team will discuss all of this with you over a cup of coffee and our vast portfolio, allowing you to pick and amend design elements that will be utilised in your property. These casual and creative chats help both our team and yourself to gain an understanding of your wants, needs, and what we can achieve with the space and budget assigned to us. Challenging designs, both structurally and aesthetically, can be accomplished by early dialogue and sometimes modelling and experimentation, the results dramatic and ground-breaking.

As well as working with designs ‘from scratch’ we can also tender as a nominated contractor for designs that have already been finalised. Use our designers to advise on construction and jointing techniques to get the best out of the oak. Everything we supply can come with structural calculations - even refurbishment work on listed buildings.

Our architectural designs focus on a blend of functionality and statement, creating striking and tasteful property development opportunities that are environmentally responsible.


Architectural Design Inspiration

When you come to our property design team, we will listen to your needs, space allocation on site, and budget to deliver the best design and finished product. Our core values as a bespoke design and construction company revolve around quality, environmental responsibility, and functionality. We design using natural materials, only opting for man-made materials where appropriate, to best create timeless properties that are ahead of the curve in the property market.

If you are seeking something truly unique that still maintains environmental responsibility at its heart, then contact the Natural Structures architectural design team in Leicestershire to discuss the specifications for your new build home or property extension.